Note: Before you do the registration, we strongly suggest you read the following registration information carefully.

Registration Information
Every accepted paper must have at least one full registration. Thanks for your cooperation.

(Please send the scanned copy of the bank transfer receipt to by email with the name of your conference/workshop and your paper ID. Please note that regular papers are allowed to 6 pages with IEEE template. Extra 2 pages are also allowed and will incur additional charges. So every paper is not more than 8 pages.)

(请将扫描的转账单发到邮箱,并且注明会议名称或者Workshop名称以及文章ID, 请注意文章长度限制为IEEE模版格式6页,额外允许超出2页,超出页将收费。每篇论文不超过8页。 )


1. Full registration includes:

  • Publication of one accepted paper in the main conference or workshop proceedings
  • A copy of the main conference or workshop proceedings volume in which the paper appears
  • Access to all conference sessions and workshops
  • Lunch, banquet and reception
  • One day post-conference city tour on December 13, 2013
  • Program brochure and conference goodies (e.g., bags/paper/pens)
2. Registration fees:

    The deadline for the registration is October 31, 2013. Please note that if your payment is not received by that date, the paper will be removed from the main conference or workshop proceedings. This deadline will be strictly enforced. The fee for one extra page is US$50 (RMB300) and the price for one extra proceedings is US$80 (RMB490).

Member Type US$ RMB
IEEE Member 550 3400
IEEE Student Member 490 3000
Non-member 680 4200
Student Non-member 610 3700
Per Extra Page 50 300
Attendee registration 150 900

    For the registration for IEEE student member and Student Non-Member, the first author must be a student. In order to qualify for the student or IEEE member reduced registration fee, proof of current student or IEEE member status (e.g., current Student ID or other proof of current enrollment) must be e-mailed (as an attached scanned image or pdf file) to Please note that both current IEEE membership and student status will be verified.


    If you register for the main conference, for example, your paper ID is 127 which is used for credit card payment, please use "MSN127", as the paper ID on the bank transfer receipt. Any incorrect use will lead to the registration failure. You can find your paper ID from your acceptance email.


Credit Card Registration

The link for credit card registration

Please Note:When you registering,
1) If your paper is accepted by the main conference,the Conference/workshop/Symposium Name is MSN; If your paper is accepted by one workshop,the Conference/workshop/Symposium Name is one of them: M2MC/SCS/SDSN/FFCN/SSPA/AEIT/MobiCloud
2) the Paper_ID can be checked in the accepted paper list
  • Bank Transfer:

    For bank transfer, the author must pay an extra bank fee, as well as the fees from your local bank in order to process the bank transfer. Therefore, please make sure that the net amount that is transferred to the above account is no less than the required registration fee. After bank transfer, please include the required letter with your bank transfer indicating the name of your conference/workshop and your paper ID (if applicable). Please send the scanned copy of the bank transfer receipt to by email with the name of your conference/workshop and your paper ID (if applicable). We will confirm your payment based on your scanned letter and receipt. The bank transfer information is as follows:
For Chinese
用途:MSN 13注册费(文章号和作者姓名)------此项不填写可能导致汇款丢失

For Foreigners
Account Number: 296056052497
Beneficiary's Name: LI KEQIU
Beneficiary's Address: No. 2, Linggong Road, Dalian, China
Bank: Bank of China Liaoning Branch, Dalian Hi-Tech Sub-Branch, Dalian, China
Address: No.1, Gaoxin Street, Dalian, China
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ810
Purpose: MSN 13 Registration (Paper ID and Author Name)

  • Post (for RMB Only)



5. The hard copy registration receipts and the proceedings can only be picked up at the conference.

6. For any further questions, please send an email to


  • Please note that ONE Full Registration must be paid for EACH paper to be published in the main conference or workshop proceedings